︎︎︎ A Fossilised Moment of Doubt

Guston Sondin-Kung (2007), 37min film

A Fossilized Moment of Doubt is an experimental documentary that takes place at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. This location has stood as the most productive fossil site for the excavation of early human remains in the twentieth century. For more than thirty years the Leakey family worked at this site and created the narrative of human evolution that is know today. Since their death the site has remained open for scientific work as well as tourism. The film explores the impact of the Leakey’s legacy to the region through another family that has lived in the area for generations. This family has become the part of a “caretaking” team that administers the site. The families complex understanding of the local area passed down for generations has uniquely adapted the theory of evolution put forth by the Leakey’s. This has created a unique voice that speaks to the positive and negative effects of the Leakey’s inhabiting the geographical and metaphorical space of the Gorge. Though this postcolonial re-framing of history emerges questions of truth, desire and belonging.