︎︎︎ A Microscopic Burial ︎︎︎ To Carry Images: Publication ︎︎︎ Holobiont Faciality ︎︎︎ The Landscape of Embodied Imaging: Diagram ︎︎︎ Reconstruction of a Choreographic Script ︎︎︎Time Dead Time Alive ︎︎︎ Submersion ︎︎︎ Van der Lubbes Head ︎︎︎ Time Dead Time Alive Publication ︎︎︎ The Woman, The Orphan and the Tiger ︎︎︎ The Pull of the Moon ︎︎︎ Island of Stone ︎︎︎ INCISIONS ︎︎︎ STUXNET in Denmark ︎︎︎ A Fossilized Moment of Doubt

 Guston Sondin-Kung is an artist, filmmaker and writer. His work focuses on memory and the body investigated through situated knowledge. His artistic projects typically involve long term collaborative research that necessitates working across a multitude of disciplinary and discursive sites.