︎︎︎ Time Dead Time Alive Publication


The publication titled Time Dead Time Alive brings together a collection of writings from the fields of Dance, Performance Theory, Film & Visual Studies and Art Theory to illuminate the life and work of Elfriede Mahler. Contributors include Guston Sondin-Kung, Yvonne Daniel, Rafael González Cardona, Johanne Løgstrup, Alfredo Velásquez Carcases, Elfriede Mahler, Jane Jin Kaisen, Melinda Mousouris, Aliuska Castillo Sayú, Stine Hebert and Regino E. Boti.  In addition several historical writings, archival documents and photographs are presented alongside that give depth to the written contributions.  

Time Dead Time Alive is published by Galleri Image (2017) and printed by Narayana Press.

ISBN 978-87-992840-6-1

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